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Choosing a face Painter

It is important then when deciding upon a face painter, or make up artist for your event, that you consider if they uphold the standards who would expect.
Here are some key points for you to consider when selecting your next artist.

Do they have Public Liability Insurance?

Do they use CE approved paints?

Do they state who and what they will paint?

Are they trained in hygiene to stop infections?

Is clean water used to rinse their brushes ?

Are they a member of a trade body?

Who will they not paint?

Do they have a pleasant manner?

Can they offer alternatives to face painting?

Do they love what they do?

All Visage Design artists provide Public Liability Insurance of at least £5 million and an enhanced CRB check documentation is available should the circumstances require.

It is important that only suitable cosmetically approved and tested products and glitters are used.

For you reference:

EU : Cosmetic products: composition, labelling, animal testing

The rules governing cosmetic products in the European Union

Wikipedia summary

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It is important that the artist makes it clear to you, and all your visitors, or customers as to who will, or will not be painted.

The application of face painting products, paint, glitter, etc or other makeup products to very young children, people will some skin conditions etc has the potential of causing harm and our artists will not paint such people.

together with the most up to date hygiene procedures.

All of the artists supplied by Visage Design are members of FACE - The Face Painting Association. The association describes members as "Members have to pass a certification test in order to join and this is to ensure that all FACE Members have reached a set standard of speed and competence. Anyone booking a FACE member can be confident that our high standards will be met."

It is important that the supplied artist understand that there are people who should not be painted due to illness, etc.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • A skin test is advised if they have any food allergies or allergic reactions to soaps, skin creams, etc. Remember all brands are different, so a reaction to one brand does not mean someone will react to another brand.
  • If they have any open cuts or sores or fresh bruising.
  • If they have a cold sore or conjunctivitis or any other known infectious skin condition.

Please respect the decision of the face painter not to paint someone who they consider unsuitable. Due to the potential impact of paints, glitters, etc, painters will not paint any child under the age of 18 months.

If you would not be prepared to have the painter paint you, then please:
DO NOT let you child be painted